• polypropylene
  • polyester
  • laminates,
  • spunbond
  • flat bond
  • needlepunch…
non wovens pacific supplies

decking, zipper, bottom cloth, elastic webbing, sewing thread, welt cords, tack strip, plastic legs, nails, buttons, twines…

poly-cottons, 100% cottons, 100% poly, burlap, muslins, tickings, Jute & vinyls…

  • quiltback
  • flange
  • dust-cover,
  • quilting-thread
  • FR thread
  • zipper
  • stitchbond…

polyester roofing underlay for white roof cold applied process

pacific supplies wholesale

sliting, rewinding, perforating, paneling, nonwovens, woven fabrics, paper, vinyls, specialty fabrics

Established 1946

For over 50 years Pacific has provided value, quality products and customer driven services.

We supply traditional fabrics and modern nonwovens that can be custom slit, rewound, perforated, laminated and treated for a variety of industries.

Industries we service….

furniture, mattress construction, roofing, filtration, landscape, erosion control, food processing, packaging, RV, metal processing….

Core Values
We are customer motivated:

Our goal is to provide solutions and products that work for our customers.

We believe in quality first:

We stand behind the quality of all our products.

We Believe In Value:

Our customers should never have to compromise quality to get product that add value to their business. Best Quality & Best Prices.

Questions About Our Products & Services???

For more information please call or email our customer service department:

PH: 323-321-2222 email: Service@pacificsupplies.com

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